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    Forum rules

    dylan (clan leader)

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    Forum rules

    Post  dylan (clan leader) on Sat Jan 31, 2009 11:33 am

    any thing with a Exclamation before it, if broken will mean immediate permaban from our forums, and we MEAN IT.

    Exclamation 1. Any thing discussed in the secret meeting stays in the secret meetings THEY ARE SECRETS!!!

    Exclamation 2. Only the two admins can recruit real clan members.

    Exclamation 3. hacking will result in an immediate ban.

    Exclamation 4. spamming will result in an immediate ban.

    5. Being stupid will result in a demotion, or ban from the post, ALL IDIOTS STAY IN SCHOOL!!!.

    Exclamation 6.claiming some one else's work, plagiarism,or copyright violations, will result in a ban.

    7. doing this: alien Exclamation Idea Evil or Very Mad Razz afro , will result in a ban from the forum, in other words, spamming smilies.

    Exclamation 8. disgracing the waffle will result in a ban.

    Exclamation 9. posting something in a forum that isn't meant to be there, will result in a ban from the forum, just go to the help topic in the general forum discussion and help category, to ask for a forum for a topic like that.

    Exclamation 10. don't be racist, sexist, we don't allow ageism,unless the post is meant to be that way, and approved by the admins.

    11. just respect each other, depending on what you do will depend on your consequence.

    12. No cuss words, i'm sorry but some of my friend's parents are waaay over protective

    These rules may be altered, or requests may be granted to break them on special occasions, still confused once we get our next admin (Danielle) she will have a larger, more detailed rules list, and yes i said she, dont make fun of anyone as rule 10 clearly states.

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